All furniture, pictures, decor, appliances and fixtures will have to be moved before the painters arrival. wall hangings, window treatments, appliances, and furniture will need to be moved by homeowner prior to painter’s arrival.

• Palace Painters can assist with large furniture or appliances as long as the homeowner is present.

• We will protect your house with tarps and yellow painter’s tape.

• Minor drywall repair will be fixed prior to painting. Dings, dents, nail holes, and nail pops will be patched, sanded, and smooth prior to painting.

• Once the painting area is prepped, we will begin by cutting in around all windows,
doors and ceiling.

• Start painting. All Project need it power washing, caulking, scraping and priming prior to any final coats of quality paint. (We always prepare the walls for a good looking coat of paint. We always sand between coats for the best looking smooth wall.)

• Our team will clean up at the end of each day.

A fresh coat of house paint may be your best investment to keep your home looking great but protected as well. Paint will protect your home against the elements and keep away wood rot all seasons long. Take it from us: a simple coat of paint will be cheaper than repairing damage, which usually costs thousands to repair -plus, paint keeps your home looking great and marketable. We can change the look and feel of your home for tens of years with one low cost. Call us for a free estimate right away!

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