Palace Painting services can mediate on behalf of a corporate body and liaise directly with managers and residents, landlords and tenants in scheduling times that best fit with the occupants’ daily routines such as for shift workers.

We are flexible and willing to complete work outside of the usual business hours when no other alternatives are available to ensure tenants are not overly inconvenienced. Being flexible holds us in good stead to complete any project, on-time, big or small with minimum fuss.

Tenants need to feel that their personal belongings are secure; that privacy provisions are in place and their rights are being respected to ensure a hassle-free delivery of maintenance painting services.

We always keep the lines of communication open and invite feedback. Whether in a commercial or residential setting, Palace Painting Services liaises with all relative parties to achieve positive outcomes. It’s a standard that  Palace Painting Services has consistently produced to date.

Maintenance Planning Service is a tailor-made plan that enhances, maintains and protects your investment.  We offer a plan to help look after your investment by reducing longer-term damage to paint substrates, particularly for buildings with high exposure to the elements. SAPS maintenance plan is ideal for strata-management titles. The plan particularly applies to buildings with high exposure to the elements (such as dwellings close to the beach, roofs and decks).

SAPS also provides a pressure cleaning service during the preparation stages in order to thoroughly clean substrates and for the protection of surfaces, such as removing sea salt to prolong the life of the substrates condition as part of the maintenance plan.

At the completion of a job, records of the substrates attended to can be provided along with recommendations for the next time the substrate requires redoing.  Maintenance planning is a free service that is offered at the completion of all projects, including roofing. Also suits strata-title management properties.

A maintenance schedule is provided free of charge to assist with planning and budgeting.

Careful usage and disposal of all cleaning agents is a priority. SAPS cleans-up at end of each day; paint brushes and rollers are washed off-site. We supply and install protective floor coverings and coverings for furnishings. We tie back small trees and protect plants and the wildlife. Palace Painting Services does its utmost to operate safely and observe Workplace Health & Safety standards to protect our workers and the public.